Pilgrimage Tour

This tour is tailored to those interested in Buddhism & pilgrimage. The journey follows in the footsteps of famous Bhutanese saint Pema Lingpa and you will also not miss important pilgrimage sites of Longchenpa and Guru Rinpoche. The itinerary can be personalized according to your interests. Activities (may) include meditation retreats incurring getting up very early in the morning, chanting mantras, fasting, etc.. The retreat places are very authentic and remote with basic facilities. You will get a glimpse into the fascinating life of Bhutanese yogis and yoginis who retreat from society to pursue enlightenment. This is not for those who seek luxury on their trip.

DAY 1: Arrival at Paro & Thimphu

Drive to Thimphu and light sightseeing

DAY 2: Thimphu

Hike to a monastery & Thimphu sightseeing, introduction to Buddhism

DAY 3: From Thimphu to Punakha

Dochu la and hike to Lungchutse lhakhang on the way

DAY 4: Punakha

Chimey lhakhang, Punakha Dzong, Nalanda Buddhist College

DAY 5: From Punakha to Phobjikha

Hike or drive, Phobjikha village life

DAY 6: Phobjikha

Valley hike, Gangtey Gonpa

DAY 7: From Phobjikha to Bumthang, Chumey

Trongsa Dzong and Tadzong on the way

DAY 8: Bumthang, Chumey

Tharpaling monastery, meet with monks, village life

DAY 9: From Chumey to Ura

Ura Man Gi lhakhang & village life

DAY 10: Ura

Visit village temples and families tracing back to Longchenpa and Pema Lingpa

DAY11, DAY12, DAY13 : Retreat

2,5 days retreat at a remote Pema Lingpa meditation centre (simple), on the last day drive to Chokhor valley

DAY 14: Chokhor

Visit most important temples (Tamshing, Kurje, Jampe, etc.)

DAY 15: Flight to Paro

Sightseeing in Paro depending on time of arrival

DAY 16: Paro Taktsang

Hike to Taktsang, Tiger’s Nest

DAY 17: Departure

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