Luxury Bhutan Tour

Luxury does not mean providing our guests with just the available 5 starred and 7 starred Hotels, but we do take care to inspect that these highly starred hotels does actually possess the comfort and privacy for guest. We provide luxury mode of transport, assign professional tour guide and takes full concern of your safety.

However, we personally feel that, it is of no worth just touring with the best if you don’t experience what else Bhutan can offer, thus we reach you to some places that show cases of activities where you get to experience an excellent glimpse into the day-to-day life of a typical Bhutanese people that these activities can truly give you indescribable joy and happiness that touches you to your core. This is we call the True Luxury Travel Package that can’t be bought off the shelves.

Things you can do on this Luxury trip:


1.    If you are bird lover; Bhutan is a paradise for bird lovers and ornithologists. Over 670 species of birds have been recorded and many more are yet to be discovered. Around 50 species of the known birds are winter migrants.

2.    Try our mountain bike; The rugged, mountainous landscape of Bhutan lends itself well to both on-road or off-road mountain biking and the sport is seeing increasing popularity among both visitors and Bhutanese alike.

3.    Chopper tour in Bhutan: you will be flying over densely forested areas, to snow capped mountains to low foothills. You will see the far-flung Bhutanese Temples and Monasteries built on the steep terrain-mountains and cliffs.

4.    We can arrange and combine a variety of luxury accommodation and transportation options for you, so that you can travel in comfort and style while experiencing the rich Bhutanese heritage and the hospitality of the Bhutanese people.

5.    We assist the clients to avail a perfect blend of top class services by using some of the internationally acclaimed high-class hotels available in Bhutan such as; Six Senses (in Thimphu, Paro, Punakha & Bumthang), Amankora (in Thimphu, Paro, Punakha & Bumthang), Taj Hotel (in Thimhu), Uma Resort (in Paro & Punakha), Le Meridian (in Paro & Thimphu),  Zhiwaling (in Paro), Termalinca (in Thimphu), Dhensa (in Punakha), Naksel (in Paro) and Gantey Gompa lodge (in Phobjikha). We maintains a good relationship with all above luxury hotels and we will be able to arrange any amenities as per your specific requirements.

6.    Of course we’ll reach you to the tourist hots spot sites and places that are usually tagged of must visit to every travellers.

7.    We’ll also reach you to places that are not often visited by tourists like; maybe a walk through a far flung village with just nature around and the villagers doing their daily chores. Interact with villagers and visit their homes.

8.    As per your interest, we’ll serve you meals that include authentically Bhutanese homemade food, which the hotels and restaurants may not serve.

9.    We reach tourists to see the local artisans and pull over at some road stop shops to check the local produce.

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